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"Education is the first step for people to gain the knowledge, critical thinking, empowerment

and skills they need to make this world a better place." 

Thuto Thusa is the brainchild of our founder Dintle Nkosi. As a firm believer in the saying that "Knowledge is Power", she was moved most by the inequalities around access to information around career guidance and higher education and decided to change things.
At Thuto Thusa our mission is to make education and information accessible to all, whether it is getting into the right university or career path.  We believe that access to information and resources goes a long way in closing the inequality gap. 
“Access to information is the first step to unleashing your potential”- Dintle Nkosi, Founder and Director of Thuto Thusa.

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Making A Difference

We have a range of solutions tailored specifically for high school learners and young adults. These include career guidance tools such as animated videos and free personality tests. 
Our key focus at Thuto Thusa is to ensure that learners have relevant information and adequate resources to help them plan and prepare for their future.


Inspiring young students to articulate, plan and conquer their dreams.

At Thuto Thusa we know that not everyone is fortunate enough to have access to someone in their desired carer, this is why we created Career Day. Career Day shares the educational and career journeys of young professionals from all works of life in an engaging animated format that captures the attention of our young viewers. In other words, Career Day brings young professionals into the homes and schools of young South Africans through their social media platforms.

Picking the right career begins with knowing your strengths, passions and interests. This free test is designed to help learners identify their interests and personality types.

The career personality test is easy to use and can be completed without adult supervision on any device connected to the internet.


Educational resources to help teach young children indigenous African languages 

The Early Learning Series aims to address representation issues through the eyes of young children by creating resources to help teach African children their languages as they are being raised in a global community.


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela


Get in touch with Thuto Thusa to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

Registered Non-Profit Company (South Africa)

Registered Community Interest Company (The United Kingdom)

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